Diaries in the trash bag.

After years of being homesick, I finally got to take a flight home (alone) and managed to surprise my parents and relatives for a short 4 nights.
It wasn't supposed to be a surprise as I already made plans to go back with the entire family but this unplanned trip was what I needed.

It's been a long lonely journey since the pandemic, then pregnancy and now motherhood.
Close friends that I thought would stay close moved on, i wouldn't deny that I am (still) utterly down with that fact and at days, i do feel abandoned.
No one to blame, it just happened :(
Home was familiar, although it's very troublesome now! I had to loan a T&G card because it's so difficult just to purchase one?! Parking is now all on the phone apps linked to e-wallets (?!) and all these tech that was supposed to make life easier for the masses is now just a big disorganized thing- especially for visitors.

Ok, back to my title.

So, what do you actually do with your diaries?
I started journaling at a 1 digit age, kept all the books all these years and knew I couldn't keep it hidden any long with the uncertainties of times and location.
Previously, I'd look back on my previous writings and gain some insight to what was going on. Most of the time, it helped.

With the clock ticking this time around, I had to put my sentimental reasoning behind and with a little sigh, said goodbye to the pages in which some I don't even remember anymore.
I do hope that my diaries will end up in a volcano, never to be seen. It could be so embarrassing or aggravating if someone who knew me got a hold of that stack.

If you are reading this. 
Thank you for staying around.

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