Tips for a DIY Maternity Shoot

I just noticed that I did not blog about our DIY Maternity Shoot that we had back in 2020!

Overall, my belly wasn't big throughout the pregnancy and I was in my 3rd trimester when we had this shoot in a rented a studio in Seoul that charges by the hour. 

I can't remember the price nor the studio name anymore, not sure if they are still in business too but it was definitely cheaper than hiring a photographer. 

As usual, with all the energy I somehow had during pregnancy, it was really a feat (looking back at it now) that we managed 6 looks in 2 hours!

So here are some useful tips if you are planning to do a maternity shoot with zero human help once you decide on the location.

1. Get a remote control and tripod for your camera.

2. Download "posing" pictures that you want to recreate- It's essential as you do not have time to think or be awkward about your poses.

3. Plan ahead in terms of hair and makeup. I braided my hair and then loosen it later on for the "perm" look. Lip color goes from light to bright/dark.

Tip: Buying press on nails will be more economical and if you are going to have more detail shots of the fingers, it will be a breeze to take off and stick on a new nail design during the shoot. I stuck to 1 simple design.

4. Number the outfit changes and make sure all the accessories are grouped together.

5. Background music will help with the mood.

6. Time each outfit change so that you'll have enough time to go through it all. (Booking the studio for 4hours would have been wiser but 2 hours was doable albeit hectic).

7. Bring props! We brought in flowers because our theme was Lily.

I am glad we did this for our memory album- I do miss the pregnancy glow, the princess treatment and the supernatural energy I had throughout the months.

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