Just keep showing up.

It's half way through the new year and there are still so many things that I wish I've accomplished by this half mark.

It takes work not to beat myself up although I know I could have done better.

One thing though that changed is how i'm doing it different with my physical health, after years of hoping to feel better, be discipline, start loving myself- I took a step of showing up... to the gym and although it's costing $$, we are almost a month into a new fitness achievement.

Today I was taught how to work a bar bell and to stand on a balance ball! The ball is fun, probably the only thing (so far) that's getting me excited to go back to the gym on Monday!

I've been following the series from Steven Furtick about Doing the New You and it has put some perspective on things. You should check out his youtube or get his book on it. 

Besides that, I've been more aware that everything has an expiration date- in work, play and relationships...It's devastating when things end on a confusing note, or as happy as it can be to click with new friends- sigh, trying to navigate on just embracing the current season and hope the good days outweighs the bad, feel-like-giving-up-days.

Just keep showing up.
We got this.
Help us Lord!

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