My dad visited us the past week and it was good to have him around 24/7, probably the very first time in all my life till now that we spent so much solo time together.

Gave him a taste of my BMW (bus,metro,walk) lifestyle in Seoul and I must say that im so proud of him- to be able to walk an average of 8,000steps a day without complaining of any physical pains and being so open to foreign meals!

Lily got to experience a moment with a grandparent around and how spoil she can be until she mentioned this, "oh? i get presents again today?" in disbelief! haha

With time, I noticed this to be true that everything moves in a particular timing- like what's being written in Ecclesiastes 3 and all that i can control is how i'm embracing the fullness of what's being presented in each chapter of life...

OH! If you are wondering, yes..i'm happy to report that i've been showing up to the gym...and the force walking on the treadmill has got me listening to all the 90-00s hits and feeling a little nostalgic. no lie tho, i think younger jessica had something that adult jessica seemed to have forgotten and with time, i hope that i can dig her out and be that updated version.

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