snack of the moment: any time 애니 타임

[image: google] first tasted this when our korean teacher came back from korea - many years ago. po...

i wore: 5 oct

i wore: 4 oct

black cardigan(hong kong) + blue polka-dot dress (thailand) + black legging (subang) + diamonte b...

tweet of the day: Joyce Meyer

i wore: 3 oct

white v-neck top (thailand) + outer grey (brands outlet) + necklaces (hong kong) + tapered jeans ...

바나나맛 우유 (banana milk)

today's drink at tea time.

3sixteen clothing 3sixteen Fall 2009 Photoshoot from 3sixteen on Vimeo .


[source] yum.

red eye

image credit: and over the week day. i finally bought some red eyeshado...

tommy ton -freeze frame

[source] really enjoyed this round. here's my favourite six!

dakota fanning.

[source] the strong eyebrow really gave her the edgyness and that hint of "maturity". sh...

McQ's entire collection

[source] McQ's collection in one (two) post. You'll enjoy it. Click the source!

5things: atm.

1) autumn concerto - the 1st time i ever enjoyed taiwanese drama. and because of CNY!!! the last epi...

tiger year with tiger eyes!

Pretty girl with great skills! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !!

Leica China.

[source] nods.

2ne1 for Corby F!

it's no wonder things sells in korea!! 22222NE1111!!!!

Dr. Martens Spring/Summer 2010 Lookbook

[source] this is A VERY NICE collection.

Lee Alexander McQueen.

its' like having a story read to you, and the person leaves you halfway and never comes back to ...

song of the day: Serengeti & Yozoh

see from 4:18 onwards! or if you wanna cut it shorter- just watch from 7:57 yozoh is so pretty!


Takuya Kimura for GATSBY

you and me put the 'you' and 'me' in 'you and me'.

a video came in the mail for me this valentine.

skinny panda hug.

hop, bunny- hop.


km rii - black rhino wallet.

[source] i have been finding for a wallet for a decent amount of time and today i finally found it!...

Kim Yuna

yes, there was one point while growing up.... i wanted to be a figure skater. bts

Elva Hsiao

[source] tooo hot! :)

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