customizing kicks and beats.

oh man!
for the past 24hours, i was trying to hook up with my friend in the States to get me some Nike shoes. BUT now, due to time and circumstances the very thought of "i could have, COULD" (i totally hate procrastinating now- I JUST HAD TO WAIT THE LAST MINUTE didnt I! urgh.) have gotten my own pair of NIKEiD is a plane and visa away.

so well, i'll be working on that customize shoe (since i could get quite fickle along the way) and make sure i get it on the sole of my foot before i hit the next birthday.

and talking about that, i am also looking forward to owning a customized Beats by Dr.Dre. it's quite pricey and i do hope that somehow, some where, some time soon would need to own it (to ease on the guilt of just wanting it).

like it? customize it here or go direct to

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