DAY 1 -Asia Fashion Exchange : To Singapore with Style

Had a busy week and only manage to decide on what to pack 30mins before the cab came and being totally last minute this time, I hopped on the cab > detoured to get my printed air ticket > then to the airport.

Got there super on time and tried the new “self check in” machine.
Read a book, drank coffee and manage to squeeze in some seconds to paint my nails (which was what I intended to do the night before) for breakfast.

Boarded the plane and waited in my seat to meet the other winner from Malaysia- Hanie.
It was the first time meeting her and we started chatting till we reached Singapore! :)

I was really excited to see Singapore for the 1st time and people watching! - as i was told that Singaporeans are quite a fashionable crowd.

lets fly~~fly!

Met Joyce on the way out from the plane and headed out together to meet the guys from STB (Singapore Tourism Board)- Emmeline and Shawn.
We hopped on a van and off we went to Studio M in Nanson Road.

The first thing i asked Shawn when i got to know that i won was, "do we have a room to ourselves?" haha! thank God he said "yes"!

So yes, I stayed at the 6th Floor and went crazy when i saw the room! it's NEAT!!
Studio Loft, designed by Italian maestro Piero Lissoni-very chic.

staircase up to the study area-the sofa can be extended into a bed!

We had a couple of hours to eat and freshen up while the girls from Melbourne make their way into Singapore.

1800 - met up with everyone in the lobby and off we went to AFF (Audi Fashion Festival) at Ngee Ann City.
I must say that it's definitely great to see majority of people dressing up (more than they do for KLFW) but nah, we can't start comparing the countries, yet.

The entrance into the tent.

Got the tickets and off we went into the tent for our first show-
Legendary Tiffany Style Fashion by Herve Leger.

Sailed across the crowd to get some drinks, some pictures taken and into the hall.

The show started off with some slides and a brief background history on Tiffany & co.

It was a beautiful display, gorgeous body con dresses and of course the modern yet classic blings!

The show ended and we found ourselves walking on the streets and looking for the ice-cream man! Hanie told us earlier that we should get some ice cream potong, and so we did!

Here's the ice cream uncle chopping our ice cream.

Happiness for only SGD1!!

Back to the tent for round 2.
Marchesa brought to you by Samsung.
But before that, a group shot!
(l-r) Me, Joycethefairy, Hanie, Phoebe aka Lady Melbourne, Christina aka The Frockette

haha @xwen commented that we look like girl band!

We entered the tent to see a display from designer Ben Wu and Desmond Yang who did a fashion collection with Samsung.

What stood out most besides finally catching Korea's Song Kyunga live on the runway was the cheering of fellow Koreans who was going fan-boy crazy cheering* whenever she comes out.
I for one totally understand as i would be going as crazy if my friend was working that runway. For me, I think it did help loosen up the "tense" tent atmosphere tho I've read some tweets on how annoying the cheering was for some. Oh well, to each his own.
lights before Song opened the show.
Song also closed the show wearing this glittering poofy-fairy-like gown.

Night falls: back to the hotel &rain on KBS! 

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