someone will come for you.
someone will run miles for you,
someone will be looking out for you.
someone will only have the eyes for you.

someone will bring you breakfast,
sit with you through lunch and
dream with you till dinner.

someone will make you milk to make it easier for you to sleep at night,
though you dont really need it.
someone will drink coffee with you and doze off together the next second.

someone will bring out the cooler in you,
will walk with you in a park,
fly a kite and joke till dawn with you.
someone will hail the cab,
take the train and seat beside you on a plane.

someone will cook for you, laugh with you
and cry the night with you.

someone will have a drink ready for you whenever you meet,
will share your food, eat your leftovers and would love to
eat desserts with you.

someone will say a prayer for you.
someone will cheer you on and encourage you.
someone will whisper sweet nothings to you,
and have a bear hug ready, everytime you feel like falling.

someone will fight for you and fight with you.
someone will hurt you one day but making up will be fun to do.
someone will cherish you.
someone will write a poem, a song or a rap for you.

someone will take pictures with you and pictures for you.
someone will go shopping with you, getting the illest kicks and stuff with you.
someone will marry you, and dressing up as a couple will be so fun to do.

someone will eventually appear.
someone will love you.
someone will be waiting for you.

over space, over time and beyond the lightyears...
someone will be consistent in loving you.

take heart,
someone is already planned for you,
and that someone is just finding the right time to appear,
in front of you.

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