me today: 호떡 day.

bought this box of 호떡 mix a few weeks back,
and kept it for today. just cause- a sweet delicacy should make up a one sweet day. -_-


it's really good! you should get a box (approx RM13).
do's and don'ts with the mix:
1) keep the dough size small.
2) really "oil" your hands before you start "molding" the dough.
3) it's an oily affair- generously oil the pan as well!
4) don't press the dough to hard, least the fillings ooze out!
5) no kidding, eat it when it's hot. don't eat it when it's cold.

as i thought about what a good day it has been,
i heard this news...
the only flavor i enjoy having in Baskin Robbin's is now a thing from the past.
after alllll these years, SUDDENLY it became an "issue"? what a joke.

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