me today: cny day2.

one of the "traditions" i have during CNY is going to the movies with my cousins/friends!
since we don't usually do it on usual days, its' always a treat to having them sitted next to me in the cinema.

so for the past two days,
we've been going for midnight movies.
1:30am and 12:10am on respective days, after all the dinners and coffees at our grandparents, those times are the best.

so anyway,
we went to our aunt's place today.
had lunch, had yee sang #2, talked and snacked and drank many kinds of beverages and i certainly should say that black coffee runs in the family. so happy to be asked if i want coffee every other hour. :)
found out that my grannie is such a poser!

Empress day out. "she drinks..."

"...but gma is the one drunk."

took some power nap in between before carrying on with the festive activities. hah.
took lots of pictures today and because of the antiques, i was self dubbed "empress" today.ㅋ

mui choy pau and kopi o played the starters before the full course lunch.

yee sang #2

went higher and longer.

the travelling empress.

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