Glamorous Penguin

it was a lazy Sunday afternoon when I called for an impromptu tea coffee time with some friends I just met.
after a few suggested areas to meet, i'm glad we went for this- Glamorous Penguin!

I read about it a month ago and it was nice to finally meet  Sophia and her glamourous space in person.
not sure where it was or which station to stop, i called up the cafe and got a little lost and  called up again and finally found it and as we sat down, and had our first sips- Sophia came up to our table and handed us a slice of cake on the house :)

It was really sweet of her and she continued on saying that we were the first to come by after reading that article.
It was a full house upstairs and most of the cakes were already sold out by noon as we were told (we were there at 4+pm)

nonetheless, I'm definitely going back to try the basil cauliflower cake and perhaps their red velvet if i could make it on time.


**Directions: Hangangjin station (Line 6), exit 2- walk all the way~~ straight  till you see an Audi Car showroom on your right, turn into the Audi corner, walk straight inside and turn left.

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