me today: curls and lipsticks

- [L-R]: Pink peony,Totally Toffee from Maybelline (RM29.90), L'oreal's Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence (RM59.90)
- Tried the shirt curling technique. (results as shown above!) wooozahh!

I've been using a lot lipsticks lately... and i'm still contemplating if I should get another orange lipstick from Etude House as the MAC Morange i currently have is looking more red on me as to the orange-ish that i had initially hoped from it.
Nonetheless! I'm quite happy to be occupied with the these other two shades Maybelline sent me!
Totally Toffee is really an awesome nude toffee color! and i think i'll put to rest the plan of having a permanent curl. hmmm

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