my sister's pre-wedding shoot.

I got to tag along and play stylist with the team that morning till late afternoon for their "in the mood for love" inspired pre-wedding shoot! ㅎㅎ

The bride and groom engaged our friend, Munkeat to shoot their pre-wedding pictures a few weeks ago around Chinatown.

Munkeat sure knows how to tease us by the impromptu teasers he has been posting on facebook!

Bravo to the team that made the shoot!
Having a clear direction and a photog that loves and understand the style sure makes a good match!
Really, can't wait to see the album!

Sis had 3 outfit change-
A vintage dress, vintage cheongsam and a customized cheongsam from Butterfly (sungai wang).

/edit: view more pictures here.

(credit picture 1-3 : munkeat photography

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