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Had a strawberry latte, after a trip to the hair saloon.

Get an ice cup from the freezer and...
pour in your choice packet drink! totally bought it b'cos of the packaging -_-

this must be the best yogurt drink in Korea!!

bottomless 삼겹살 meat night!! 

kimchi/ 김치 with different levels of sour-ness!

we cooked bak kut teh, that faithful evening. ^^

this place serves up great side dishes!! dumpling and raw meat/ 육회 aren't usually "free"? !

A thicker kimchi stew/ 김치찌개 eaten with seaweed. 

korean ice-kacang= patbingsu/ 팥빙수 (this thing cost RM30!!) 

breakfast for champions! 
kimbab/김밥 factory!

this is cheese donkatsu/돈까스... and i came realized that i'm no donkatsu fan.

Takeout Bonjuk/본죽 porridge for breakfast! Bonjuk is a chain porridge restaurant in Korea! 

Fish cakes or better known as o-deng/ 오뎅

there's a drawer under the table! at the infamous kalguksu/ 칼국수 noodle store in Myeongdong...
   Myeongdong Gyoja Restaurant/ 명동교자 that even the locals queue up for! psst, noodle re-fills are free!! ^^ 

tea time!

coffee after dinner at a cafe called, "coffee king".

hello babe!

cow's intestines... the more it cooks, the better it taste! 
inside a cow...

we had to wait in line for this as well.

very white escargot... 

kyochon chicken, still good! Had this 3/4times during my stay there!

egg cake/ 계란빵 ^^

that's a whole egg in a cake!

burger for the ladies~

this was breakfast :) our street breakfast! ddeokbokki/떡볶이 and giant kimchi manddu / 김치만두!

meat fest! meet jokpal/족발 and bossam/ 보쌈

here they are! nicely tucked and ready to be noms!

tang su yuk/탕수육 aka sweet sour pork.

this was dinner! go for the kimchi mandu- always a better option!

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