Esmod KL

I was browsing thru my ex-lecturer's facebook photos and OH HOW I TRULY MISS my days in fashion school...
the adrenaline rush to the tears and the many hours of waiting backstage and having no time to be glamorous as designs are being examined, papers for drafting, cloth for draping to being corrected- production, rush, panic and stress were so real and many times I really wanted to give up on fashion as a whole!
But, as the everyday draws to a close- I remember the immense pride I had, knowing that we've completed a show or a collection or simply a garment.
It was a 2hours (public transport) ride to school everyday and I remember so vividly the joy I had despite the many challenges- I woke up to the thing I love doing.

That made a whole lot of difference.

The fashion school I attended (sadly) doesn't exist anymore...
it's such a waste, it could have been such a phenomenal...
nonetheless, we all carried on...

but really, my fashion school days were just the way, it should be :)
such fond memories and I miss it!!

Anyway, if you are looking for a fashion school to go to...
I suggest that you consider Esmod KL (not that I've been there but because 2 of my ex-lecturers are currently lecturing there and they are one of the best of the best in their field!).

photo location: Esmod KL
photo credit: yen

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