it's 0°C

Sorry for the hiatus!
I just got back from Malaysia and it was so comforting to be back with my family and friends. 
It came a point that I wished I could rent a stomach to store all the things I've missed eating and a pocket big enough to bring everyone here! There's really no place like home, driving a car, going back to my home church and most importantly to see and know that everyone is happy and healthy :)

Anyways, the day after getting back to Seoul... we took a trip to Ehwa University just because I've heard that it's one of the more beautiful campuses around and indeed it was! It looks like a huge painting and we sure weren't the only "tourist" there!

A box of Sereni & Shentel headbands followed me home.
Shown above (BORNEO MANDY BLACK) is one of it- love the weight and workmanship!

::SERENI & SHENTEL headband / VINTAGE outerwear/ ASOS nude boots / UNIQLO pants / BYJAP sunglasses::

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