Spring Come Rain Fall

Stationary geeks would love this "Spring Come Rain Fall" cafe/store in Hapjeong.
I wouldn't recommend their brownies but I their rice sets looks really yummy! (I'll reconfirm)
You might have come across their brand O-check as they have quite a lot of stockist worldwide... if not they can be found here.
It's those kind of store that would inspire you and make you feel a little sad inside because you can't possible find an excuse to buy and use up everything kind of place.
I sure hope to move into a bigger place to at least have a rightful feature wall for a paper tree next Christmas.

Location: Hapjeong Station (Exit 9)- walk straight and pass the mall on your right... wait for the lights to turn green and walk across the street. You'll see a 7eleven lane and then turn left into the lane. Sadly it is now no longer in operation and this space has been taken over by another coffee shop.

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