Street View: Sinsa-dong, Garogusil.

 photo ikovox.jpg

 photo sinsadongflorist.jpg

 photo eskimosinsadong.jpg

 photo woodbuidling.jpg

 photo exteriorkorea.jpg

 photo exteriorhome.jpg

 photo treehouse-1.jpg

 photo koreanmenfashion.jpg

 photo handsomehodduk.jpg

 photo streetfoodkorea.jpg

 photo streetphotog.jpg

I love this place for it's artistic vibe... although it may be kindda uptight, sometimes. 
If you've been there long enough, you'll understand the pattern of some that walks up and down the street so that the street photogs could take a second glance...
in hopes that they'll be flagged down for a shot.
It's all notable when you have your hair curled and dolled up, but's better in the mornings, in the alley... in a basement cafe looking at pastries.

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