DIY: Elastic Headband + 3D Headband

Things you will need:
+ Hair ties
+ Adhesive (glue gun // super glue)
+ Pretty ribbons // Trimmings
+ Scissors

Step 1: Roughly measure the circumference of your head, and cut the ribbon or trimming accordingly. It doesn’t have to be terribly accurate; and you might want to go a little smaller, to keep your headband snug.

Step 2: Slip through the elastic hair tie, fold and glue down – on both sides.




Things you will need:
+ A metal // wired hairband
+ Embellishments  (I’m using little gymnast buttons)
+ Adhesive

Step 1: The biggest trick here is to find super cute embellishments to make your head piece work. Have a rough idea of your layout, before finalising it with a super glue and viola, you’re done!

Original article written for tonguechic.

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