DIY: Taiyaki Necklace

Inspired by the Croissant Necklace by Moschino.


Things you will need:
+ Iron-on sheet
+ Image and Printer
+ Pillow filling
+ White // Beige colour cloth
+ Scissors
+ Tracing wheel and Paper
+ Needle and Thread
+ Elastic thread // Ribbon
+ Pearls

Step 1: Choose your desired image, and print onto iron-on sheet.
Step 2: Trim images to fit before ironing onto the cloth. Press iron down firmly on high heat for about two to three minutes (or as suggested by the brand), then peel.
Step 3: Trace for an easier guide to sew on later.
Step 4: Take another piece of cloth and lay it behind before stitching it together.
Step 5: Sew along the lines, while leaving a gap for you to turn over later. (*make a bigger gap for easier turning)
Step 6: Once turned, use the back of a scissors to “poke” it to shape. Then, stuff with cotton or pillow fillers before securing the gap with some stitches.
Step 7: Insert embellishments and pearls on choice string or ribbon – make two. We used elastic thread for this DIY.
Step 8: Sew on both finished pearl strings onto the sides of the fish and tie knots to secure both of the strings together, then trim the excess strings.
There you go!

Click here to view the original tutorial site.

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