Recipe: Sago Gula Melaka

I learnt this new trick from my mum while I was back home.
It's delicious and easy to make sago pudding without the back-bending-back-aching nonsense while you constantly stir the starchy mess under the stove!
This must be the easier way yet! 

1) Rinse the sago 2-3 times like how you would with rice (till the water is clearer than what you started with) and drain.
2) Fill the clean sago pot with water and let it soak for 30mins (overnight is fine too).

{while waiting for the sago, prepare the gula melaka}
-add a little bit of water and let the gula melaka/ palm sugar melt under low heat.
-constantly stir it once all the sugar starts dissolving into a syrup.
-let the syrup cool before transferring it into a glass container. 
**use a strainer to strain out any impurities from the palm sugar syrup before storing into a container and refrigerating it. 

3) Drain the sago and then add hot boiling water into the pot and cover the lid for 15mins.
4) While waiting, prepare a bucket of ice cold water. 
5) After 15mins, open the lid and start stirring the sago with a spoon for the next 5mins or more.
6) Once the sago is translucent- drain part by part of the sago onto a strainer and transfer it into the cold  ice bath.
7) Use a spoon and stir till the sago cooled and cleared from any starch remaining from the hot bath earlier.
8) Repeat and store the sago into a container and refrigerate it.

But if you can't wait- the cold bath alone should be cold enough for you to devour it straight away!
Just add the palm sugar syrup and some coconut milk before serving! 
Easy huh?

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