the last blow.

I heard on the radio this morning that there's a thing called "the winter's jealousy" in which Winter is jealous of the coming Spring hence it will take it's final cold blow just before stepping aside for the long awaited Spring.
We have yet to experience the last blow here in Seoul, but I do hope Spring spans at least two months this year instead of the measly 2 weeks we had last year -_-''.

We are aiming to have some spring pictures taken and although I'm really looking forward to a background full of breathtaking blooms- I'm honestly in a rush for time.
One, in picking up the right wedding dress for the shoot but mostly loosing my CNY feasting weight.

The pictures above were taken in Naksan Park recently and it's constantly evolving with fresh new paints! It's a grand sight to behold but almost impossible to get a crowd-less shot of it.

::SERENI & SHENTEL headband / LOW CLASSIC outerwear/ H&M suede boots / ASOS mirrored sunglasses::

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