Lazy Coffee

Lazy Coffee was a project both John and I invested in. He took on barista classes and I designed the truck according to his vision.
We then both agreed on using only quality ingredients and connecting with a reputable coffee roastery (despite the lower profit we were gonna make).
Of course, we had hiccups and unappreciative customers along the way but for those that knew about the beans or the taste of Ghirardelli for a finer cup of mocha and caramel latte- I hope would remember their encounter with us.

We couldn't rely on regulars because there were no regulars that would take a 5 hours drive from Seoul to catch another 50mins ride on a ferry for our coffee but it was great to be the pioneer coffee truck in Cheongsan Island (before a pink truck came and parked right beside us).
I understand competition but if you knew what we were facing with another truck coming in, you would interpret my vague statement with more empathy.

Needless to say, we toiled, we learnt and we recently sold the truck away (to make way for future projects brewing in our minds).
It was hard giving the truck the last scrub and posting it online for the buyers to see.
We did the best we could to serve a better cuppa to the island's seasonal travelers and here's hoping that the new boss would continue on getting Ghirardelli sauces and quality beans.  

Live on Lazy Coffee!

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