Yong Tau Foo.

Melbourne is a fantastic place for cooking in- prices for fresh produce are very affordable and there are so many Asian groceries around!
My sister took us to a Vietnamese market to shop for some fish/shrimp paste for our Yong Tau Foo night! 

...and Oh boy! She took us to Hung Vuong Saigon in Springville after our marketing and this is by far the best Pho I've ever tasted in Melbourne!


It was very relaxing stuffing in the fillings and slowly pan frying it that evening and we had Sara Lee Sticky Date Pudding! So good, we had it again for dinner the following nights.

I know I shouldn't compare but coming back to Seoul and looking at the selections and the prices, always gets me down.
...But with that said, at least the places here don't close at 5pm.

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