A band goes marching on.

The skies are clad in the happiest pantone shade of blue lately and so are my new dipped tones of blue and green which I did before returning to Seoul.
We were out doing some errands when we came across a band, apparently going from door to door doing some ritual cleansing to usher in prosperity? Some what like the lion dances we have back home.

On some new developments, my friend and I started a new brand for bags called Pizzazz and it is stocking at Fabspy in Mid Valley at the moment. 
We have good plans for it and the irony in life has (still) been happening- when I'm back in Seoul, KL has something happening, vice versa.

I'll be heading back to KL again real soon for a dear friend's wedding, to have a quick catchup with my sister who is flying in and to get more involved with the partnership while i'm in the same timezone and hopefully be present while the happenings are happening.

Don't need anymore irony but more faith to see me through. 

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.- Hebrews 11:1

:: LOW CLASSIC jacket / UNIQLO dungarees / ASOS denim shirt / PIZZAZZ sling bag / RUBI leopard booties ::

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