Tim Ho Wan, Malaysia.

The queue, the michelin starred tim sum joint and that vivid memory of an airy-goose-pillow-like ma lai gou (steamed egg cake) summed up my first visit here.

Tim Ho Wan was in my to-go-eat-list and the queue was frightening even on a weekday but with sheer determination and timing efforts (go after 3pm), we only stood in line for about 10mins.
While waiting, I knew we had to ace the orders right (as we could only stomach a snack size portion of dim sum before our big seafood dinner 3hours later).
Pricing is fair but the 10% service charge and 6% government charge really adds up to the total bill!

We ordered all the must haves (tried, tested, recommending):
1) Baked bun with BBQ Pork
2) Steamed Egg Cake (Ma Lai Gou)
3) Vermicelli Roll (Cheong Fun)
4) Century Egg Congee
5) Dumpling Teochew Style
6) Prawn Dumpling

What to avoid (apparently):
1) Pan Fried Carrot Cake

Q: Was it worth the queue?
A: If it's your first time, yes but look at the queue as 1hour of it might not be able to justify your sacrifice. Go on a weekday, after 3pm when the lunch crowd subsides.

Q: Will I go back?
A: Yes! Gotta try the rest and order another round of baked bun and ma lai gou.

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