Magnum x Farah Khan

Coming home this time around, I was fortunate enough to be invited to some events that were happening around town! Magnum x Farah Khan was one of it and it was hilarious how the evening went by- by getting dusted off by a writer from an “atas" magazine after he learnt afterwards that we weren’t some mak datin’s kid nor atas enough to be photographed by them.
That aside, I finally got to meet Chef Wan in real life and what a funny and down to earth guy he is and the ever so influential and glamorous Dato' Farah Khan.

The night celebrated the unveiling of the new magnum packaging and the fashionable “Pleasure Seekers Collection" between Magnum and Farah Khan in which she designed a special capsule collection of her iconic hand beaded dresses inspired by 5 iconic Magnum Ice-creams, Sweatshirts and 5 beaded Magnum bars.

If you are dropping by Magnum Kuala Lumpur, you’ll be able to see all five hand beaded magnum bars that were designed by Farah Khan exclusively for Magnum.

Three out of the five dresses from this collaboration will be displayed at Magnum KL and the remaining two at Magnum Putrajaya.

If you would like to win one, log on to or their Facebook ( to learn more about the contest where you’ll be able to win weekly grand prizes x 10- which includes your choice of a Magnum x Farah Khan beaded dress made to measure into your size as well as limited edition Magnum sweatshirts and consolation prizes x50. 
*Contest runs from 16 April- 24 June 2015.

:: KITTIEYIYI watermelon dress / VINCCI flatforms / BYJap sling bag ::

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