Rest assured.

I was supposed to be boarding a plane back to Seoul tonight but with a number of pending thoughts and unfinished business, a mutual decision was made between John and I- hence i'm still here breathing the air of familiarity.

I went to visit my 81 year old grandma the other day and she made me my favourite steam egg cake after dinner by request. She is the only one left and as much as I don't want to think about us all waking up another day older- I do thank God for her health and how she's enjoying her time sewing, going for cell groups and church on Sundays.
Grandpa left closed to 3 years ago and I'm cautioned to never mentioned him whenever I'm with her... I don't know why I do that but I still think of him, my aunt that passed and all those I knew that left so abruptly- it brings me to tears just by the passing thoughts of them not being around.

The days saw productivity and a styling job came and ended well. I should be able to share the print ad when it comes out next month. I have been and still am waiting for a call to come in about another possible shoot- It's a good push forward when your days are numbered in a sense, you try to make each day count with some kind of accomplishment like meeting up with a friend, attend events or sending out emails to book a review/job.

One thing that I almost forgot was the energy it takes to manage people while working on one off projects. Not everyone shares that urgency and a simple thing gets blown up because of the lack of care and communication. It's hard to find great people to work it, harder to pick who you want to work with but it's the difficult ones that keeps you on guard.

On a lighter note, a wedding is planned for November and I'll be back again in no time to celebrate in the joyous occasions! It's scary how the days keeps zooming away too!

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