5 Places: Over lunches...

The Kitchen Table.
The girls and I got together over lunch at The Kitchen Table and ordered their pulled pork twice! Their lunch menu is simple, not too much of choices to confuse a fickle mind although it was an easy feat for us to edit out 15% of menu and ordered the rest that day.

I've been here for their lunch, tea and dinner and have yet to sample their Sunday brunch. Amongst the many dishes we ordered, I would recommend the thai basil pesto bucatini pasta (a hole-y pasta, pretty interesting texture to bite into) and the bbq pulled pork served with a sunny side up and slices of apple sourdough (main picture above). 

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Tray Cafe.
Tray cafe located in Plaza Damas is another great place for good lunch meals and cakes. 
Do follow their facebook page to see their lunch specials as their menu changes quite frequently.
We got a place to seat inside this time around and all was wonderful but the take-out butter loaf. 
I was so sad when I bit into a huge sharp egg shell the next morning while I was devouring it but I couldn't brush it off when I bit into shells as I continued (shells were visible- it was as if someone threw in the entire egg into the batter mix). I forgot to snap a picture to let the owner know but oh well, I'll still go back for more cakes regardless this unfortunate mess but i'll be cautious.

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Hou Xiang.
Hou Xiang in Taman Sea has the quirky enamel old school plates and bowls locked down for those instagramable  flat lays but not only that, they have a wide range of cheong fun to boot! The chee cheong fun fan in me leaped for joy when my friend introduced me to this place. I had the lemongrass fried chicken, cincau cham (tea+coffee) and a side of bitter gourd to go with the chee cheong fun that totalled up to around RM20-25 before braving the jam home solo. 


Strangers at 47.
This trip home, we managed to convert another friend into a stranger. You really should give crepes a chance at Strangers at 47- even though parking could be such a pain on the weekdays (when you aren't really sure if you can park illegally by the road and not get saman). The flavours are well combined and consistent throughout my visits there. 
My picks whenever in doubt would be their "Lethal Shrooms" and "Not Your Local Beef" where you will get a chuck of beef snug cozily under the crepe sheet and their "Matcha Latte" is a good pick if you don't want any juices or coffee to go along with your crepes. 
Tried 2 juices from The Tapping Tapir and this right here is one of the better ones.


Over at our regular wonton hangout, we brought over some pandan layer cakes from the infamous
Kedai Kek Regent Confectionary in Klang. Fresh pandan layer cakes are produced daily there and this is their half pandan and half yam layer cake- it's probably the only legit place left to get pandan layer these days.

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