Lipton Teh Tarik.

Ever since moving to Korea, I've gotten more homesick with the lack of "Malaysian food products" at the local grocery stores here and hence the stocking up on instant noodles, pre-mixes and curry powder whenever I'm home. This time around, I had to leave out about 4kg of grocery products at home because I didn't want to pay extra for the luggage space.

The craving is real on days only roti canai and a frothy teh tarik can do...(FYI, the Korean's late night snack here is in the form of deep fried chicken delivery). Not complaining, it was great for the first year but since i'm on to my 3rd year in Korea...I think I should stop having supper altogether!

Lipton Malaysia recently launched their new and improved 3-in-1 Teh Tarik series with new variations like the Teh Halia and Hazelnut.
I packed a bag home with me this time and although it doesn't quite have that oomph like our neighbourhood gaw teh tarik would- making this cup sure gave me that instant taste of home and that is quite a big deal of comfort just by pouring hot water.

Now, goodnight from Seoul!
*looks over at my stash of milo, teh tarik and my empty box of honey stars..:(

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