3CE Cinema, Garosugil.


Garosugil has been changing rapidly and I must say that it is now more happening than it was 5 months ago? Lots of current hipster brands are coming in and splurging a LOT on their renovations. Oh! Gentle Monster has a showroom here with a huge installation- It's AMAHZINGGG!
So, if you are into that whole interior/exterior designing spaces or street fashion, this place would inspire more now.

Stylenanda's makeup brand 3CE (3 concept eyes) recently opened their doors as well in Garosugil, being a neighbour to Joyrich with a cinematic theme that would make your wallet cry but your heart leap with joy!
It's a well taught space with a game machine outside and neon heaven signs inside!
You can even customise your lipstick case here with your initials for free when you purchase any of their lipsticks! No photobooth (like their Hongdae flagship store) in sight at the moment but you'll probably be cam whoring crazy at their beauty salon, situated in the basement.

I recently got invited to their first ever Pink Beauty Class in which I will be blogging in a separate post, pretty soon. Do come back ya! :)

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