3ce Pink Class

About 2 weeks ago, Stylenanda's makeup brand 3concepteye (3CE) hosted a pink beauty class for their followers. 20 spots were swiftly filled and I was one of the lucky two chosen to get a total makeover!

The 3CE pink class was held at their new 3CE store at Garosugil (which I've wrote about it here) and they sure know how to throw a pretty party! The setup was pink and girly cool as they take us through a sharing session on the tips and tricks to work that k-beauty Stylenanda's way!

Hwang Min-Young the acclaimed beauty editor and the co-host of Get it Beauty was also there that evening to host this event. He sure has a huge fan base with all the attendees lining up to get a picture after the class ended.

The makeup point given to me that day were the lips, the step by step how to on achieving on point two tone lips and after that I was given a set of clothing to change into before stepping out again fully made-over.
The outfit was a fresh take on something I probably would not have put together myself but that's the fun of fashion and being open to different styles.

They recorded the entire evening on video and I'm not sure when it will be out..but when I do find out, i'll be sure to post it here for you to see and here's another promise to blog on my Stylenanda haul next!

Thank you again Stylenanda + 3CE for the wonderful class!

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