As of late...

Hey there! I hope you are still there here, reading.
Time sure has been speeding up since we opened our doors almost a month ago!
What store you might wonder? If you do, a proper post is to follow, with snaps and probably a cleaner space after this Chuseok (korean version of mooncake festival) packing season ends...this weekend that has us up all night.

While things are moving smoothly, it can be better and one of them can dissapear completely!!
If you are following my instagram, you might remember a fiery rant about a supposed friend that copied our website, half our pictures, while walking in and out of our office in sheep's clothing gearing up behind our backs with renovation on the works on being our competitor!
Clearly age doesn't make a person wiser and glad for us, their greed has lost our trust- early in the game.

I am tremendously pissed with their antics but what can I do but to rant right?! I hope none of their kids pick up on their dirty habits of stealing ideas and betraying trust. -_-'' It's funny they have already been in the working world for so long, have childrens at home, just quitted their jobs and now on to leeching of a friend they are calling "brother" to justify their new entrepreneur spirit? Incredible.

On to better news, both my friends are getting married end of the year and I'm looking forward for bridesmaid duties and bridal showers!! Feels like yesterday moons ago when I had mine, I would like to turn back time and soak it up all over again. sigh~

The new website layout is taking a little longer than expected and we both shall have to wait and see, hopefully before this year comes to a close? Fingers crossed.

It's 10:27pm now and we will be working again at 2am later and hopefully get some sleep before the store opens again at 9:30am.
One more hustle before this festive shipment closes and I hope my instagram doesn't consist of only food shots here on. ^^

Goodnight from Seoul~~

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