Korean BBQ- Hwa Tong Sam (화통삼)

Recently, John took me to this chain bbq restaurant called Hwa Tong Sam/ 화통삼 that was firing fresh with 3 kinds of dips and of course a fire show. We went to the Sindorim outlet and the service there was good! 
Well, good if you manage to get a spot where the boss is catering at.
Nonetheless, if you are coming to Seoul and you still don't know where to eat- check out this bbq chain.
...Even the eggs are cuter here snuggled inside an onion ring! Remember to keep some space at the end and order their fried rice with cheese! Oozing goodness that will get into a food coma. 

If you don't already know, my fingers are shaped as a heart- it's a trending thing in Korea (gone are the days where you do that huge heard with your arms, although I still think that was better! Bigger heart = bigger love!) *puing-puing*

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