Lamb Skewers / 양꼬치

I've never had Chinese style lamb skewers till last night and it sure was tasty although pretty pricey (for its' portion)- It was a full blown pork belly price dinner but nonetheless it was truly enjoyable!
The place we went to had an automatic plate at every table that rotates the skewers for you and is very entertaining to watch!

Once the lambs are done, move it to your plate and dip it onto the chili/spices powder (reminds me of indian food) or on the rack above making space for the garlic to be on the grill.

Don't be intimidated by how garlic-y it looks! Once it's done, the skin will slide off and the taste is buttery!

There are many places to have this in Seoul and usually the restaurant's logo will have a lamb on it! (just different sizes ^^) And oh, apparently the texture of a baby lamb is much tender- hence, most restaurant will serve baby lamb skewers! (like the restaurant in this post).

Mary had a little lamb indeed!

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