Bangkok Food Trip.

Hello all!
Sorry for the hiatus but boy does 3 weeks away from Seoul seems to frighteningly short! I was back in Malaysia and managed to do a short food trip to Bangkok and the pictures above are the ones that I managed to shoot while the rest I stomached without feeding the feed first.

Bangkok is splendid as always with free sized clothes that doesn't fit and food that wins all the time!! I should try staying a week next time and do a proper food guide 
but nonetheless, I was glad we managed to stop by Tawandang for the pork knuckle 
and to have my favourite coconut aloe vera yogurt every morning! 
(If you're into coconut + aloe + pandan, then you should consider stocking up the hotel fridge with it)

Snack pick of this trip would be this garlic bread (totally addictive).

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