A new year Retreat.

My sister and BIL came over for a short vacation and this was our New Year's day outing- a short hour drive out of Seoul to Yangpyeong. 
We stayed over at this gorgeous space called RYM which was recommended by a friend and it has a modern structure with a well equipped kitchen and the best part of it is the private pool/hot tub in the balcony overlooking the mountains!

It was cold and the thought of just stepping out to the balcony for a soak didn't get my enthusiastic response at first but I'm so glad we did it because it was beyond relaxing(!!) The hot and the cold are both so intense. Put them together? it just makes sense!  No wonder those hot springs in Japan are so popular in Winter.

We were hoping for snow the entire journey but to no avail...thankfully, our BBQ meal that consist of pork, abalones (with mozzarella cheese slices), rice cakes and a whole plate of greens and oh! not forgetting the camp fire marshmallows we had before we did a final dip in the hot tub were immensely satisfying, we all slept fulfilled even without the snow.

My sis and BIL only tasted canned abalones their entire life and so we prepared abalone sashimi (we got it fresh from our abalone store before we left for the villa) which are dipped in salt and sasame oil and on the grilled with and without cheese on top. It is so good, you'll be surprise how much less it cost eating fresh abalones in Korea than in Malaysia can be!

OH! Do you like the blanket? I got it custom made as a gift for them to bring home, I was so thoughtful they were taken by surprised. :P

This pool villa retreat is situated a little deeper from the main road and you would probably need to get there with a car. RYM has a few rooms with different layouts and the room we stayed was the PoolVilla 201 that is said to be a quieter corner and I would have to agree. I absolutely loved our secluded bbq corner and as always, the holidays ended too soon.

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you the Happiest of a bright New Year yet! 

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