Laotian Lunch.

We found a legit place for Laotion beef noodles near our office in Mangwon-dong called "Lao Piak". 
The great thing about this shop besides the beef that were tender and broth full of flavour is that the noodles are refillable!! 
You are able to refill it once (the noodles and soup) which makes it a great deal if you are having major cravings for something not Korean in Seoul.
I would skip the coffee though, as it didn't have the oooomphhh in fragrance and taste.

There are fried noodles and baguette sandwich on the menu as well and i'll update this space with pictures of it on my next visit perhaps?

Stay tuned!

Tried the sandwich today and BOY am I happy to announce that it's legit!
Great sauces as well and I haven't tasted anything quite like this in Seoul!
So, if you are planning to go, the soup noodle and this sandwich is a must!
YUMS, nothing happier than having good food isn't it?


Lao Piak
Closes on Mondays
Opens 11am-9pm (Break time: 3-5pm).

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