Vitamin Sea

This particular place in John's hometown is my favorite, more so when no one else is there.
I wanted to go down to the rocks that day but it was filled with people, basking in the sun and loitering with drinks in hand.
We hurriedly left after a quick dose of breeze with hopes that no one will be there when we come back, again.

Summer is here in Seoul, it's getting pretty warm and I'm glad to announce that our apartment is looking homey now that most of the items are out of the boxes. Friends have been suggesting that blogging is dead and that I should focus on video contents.
Being a blogger for a hot minute since livejournal/xanga days, I would like to think that that blogs are still relevant...
Nonetheless, I do agree that I should revive the Vlogs cos looking back at it made me remember the days clearer.

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