4 Avocado Ideas!

So, this is my second time ever buying avocados and I think it was a bargain? Are 6 avocados for USD 5 a good deal?
I'm pretty new to handling avocados in house and the first time I bought em, i didn't know how to tell if it was ripe or rotten.

The second time around had me getting better with actually understanding what google was tryna teach- Out of the 6 avocados, the first one I opened was under ripe and the last one was already browning. hahaha.

Anyways, there are indeed so many ways to enjoy avocados and after having 6 of them in a week, i was maxed out for the month! 

Here's my humble beginner's guide on ways you can easily have your avocados:

Baked avocado: I used the airfryer and so happened my I had a twin egg and it was just the perfect portion of eggs for the halves. 

Avocado toast: Simple salt and pepper sprinkled over the avocado and hard boiled egg.

Avocado toast with cream cheese: Haha, just the extra step of spreading a thick layer of cream cheese before topping on the avocados.

Avocado and abalone rice bowl: I used steamed abalones and sprinkles of japanese chili powder and pepper. Would have been magical with an onsen tamago (if I knew how to make one).

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