Where to Brunch in Taipei!

Binging on soft fluffy buns and drinking more bubble tea than water were my personal mission when we confirmed for Taipei... 
and so the day arrived and here was the first place we went, for our first meal in Taipei!

We hurriedly got into the city to make a quick luggage drop at the hotel and headed straight to Gongguan MRT station 
for the infamous Lan Jia Gua Bao and Chen San Ding.

It was our first time trying these 2 shops (which is just opposite each other) and it was definitely satisfying! 
The menu is in Chinese but thanks to google and helpful bloggers, we managed to order the baos! >>menu translation<<
We ordered the noodles and the half/half with more lean meat bao.

After the baos we were thirsty and got into the queue for Brown Sugar Bubble Drink!
There's no tea apparently in their signature drink and it's literally just brown sugar in milk but the pearls were so good- It's like they were soaked in gula melaka overnight!
Simple and satisfying.
Yet again, the menu is all in chinese and I literally copied out the chinese word, zoomed it and showed it to the lady when ordering.

This is the drink you should try:

The shops are closed on Mondays and because they aren't a chain store- this is the only location you can find them in.
YES! do try!

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