Cerealiously legit!

If you stay in Korea long enough, you'll notice the lack of cereal options and for the longest time, I've been am craving all things from my childhood (adulting to be blame).
So yes, Waffle Crisp was on my mind for months and I didn't know where to purchase it in Korea without paying the hefty international shipping fee if I were to order from say, Amazon.

God must have seen my insignificant want and caused someone to post about American cereals on a Facebook thread!! I was over the moon to find out about the world of American brands I can now excess and have it shipped to me without the insane shipping fees!!
Actually shipping is free if you are purchasing over 29,800won (which is totally achievable by a foodies standard). I mean if you are not into cereals... you can ship in Garfield comic books, all purpose flour to vitamins, etc (there's quite a huge selection).

So, where does one go ?
Coupang it is (!!) and the option is called "Rocket Jiggu".
You just key in what you would like to order in the main search bar and then click on the purple "Rocket Chingu" tab to view international results.
Payment is per usual in Korean Won with your local card and my order came in 5 days but apparently it could be faster, at times.

There's nothing like the taste of childhood/home when you are homesick!

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