Memory in Jeju

One of my Me time activity is flipping through vintage cookbooks with a cuppa in hand.
Today’s drink of choice is from OSULLOC Memory in JEJU tea gift set which consist of 4 Floral and Fruity Tea flavours- one of which I've blogged about previously.

My favorite from this lot would be the blended Stone Fence Enveloped in Tangerine Flower tea which has a fresh citrusy scent from the Jeju Tangerine flower and a polished floral taste.
Each box has 5 separately packed sachets for easy carrying and sharing!
Ahh~ nothing like a warm cup of tea and knowing that the weekend is almost here!

Till the next tea review, enjoy your Friday night!

*본 제품은 오설록 서포터즈 TEA MANIA활동을 통해, 제품 및 소정의 활동비를 지급받았습니다.*

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