Cheese Gopchang!

It does seem like whenever we eat out- it's either BBQ and Gopchang! 
Nonetheless, for someone who doesn't eat intestines pre-locating to Korea...I've come to adore it, alot!
We tend to go to the same spots and while on our way to our regular place, we decided to detour and look for a new restaurant to try and so we came across this place and it was a great experience! We came just right on time before a line was formed outside!

We had no clue what to order and so we pointed to our neighbouring table (as most of them had this similar dish).
The cheese is charged separately but if you are planning on the experience- go cheesy all the way!
Their dishes are all pre-cooked, so you don't have to worry about the cooking part and just enjoying eating.

As for the rice, you should order the Jumeok-bap which is basically DIY rice balls!
Their version is yummy with fish roe, mayo and seaweed that will make you consume more carbs than usual!
I couldn't spot eating the rice and had to restrain myself from ordering another bowl! 

They do have other items in their menu besides what you are seeing here.
I'll update this space on my next trip there perhaps ;)

Opens everyday from 5pm-2pm
Map to "Gugongtan Gopchang" 구공탄곱창 is here.
It's situated in the middle of Hapjeong station and Sangsu station.

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