Cold Brew Iced Tea.

We all know that staying hydrated is vital for our well being but at times, it's harder to down a bottle of plain water, yes?
So here's a great way to fulfill your liquid quota for the day by having cold brew tea!
There are 4 selections for the OSULLOC Iced Tea range which you can mix different tea sticks together to create a new blend or get creative by adding in slices of lemons/cucumbers/strawberries to further infuse your tea!
No need for warm water this time, just pop the tea stick into your water bottle (room temperature or cold) and off you go!

If you are craving for fizzy drinks, brewing the tea in sparkling water makes for a great and healthier substitute.
The iced tea flavor I’m using for the sparkling iced tea is OSULLOC Coral Island- it has a subtle muscat scent and it really brews the bland sparkling water into a brand new aromatic sparkling drink!

Another favourite of mine is the OSULLOC Jeju Tangerine Island, which has a citrus aroma.
Go extra by adding lemon/lime slices into the bottle for an additional citrusy bang!
These thirst quenching tea can be made in advance and ready to be consumed whenever you open the fridge door this Summer!

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