Hometown Abundance.

It's currently raining outside and i'm sitting in my home office in Seoul typing this out.
It hasn't been an easy year ey?

I've been homesick since the beginning of the year and I wanted to make a trip home in March but as you know...the world went into crisis and there's still no flight out as of today.

Sure it's not a good time to travel back too with so much uncertainties... the cravings I have been having isn't helping either.
I dream of kuih and kopitiam food way too frequently and always waking up more frustrated.
No joke, it's annoying to be on a high craving mode and nothing available here (food wise) that can satisfy.

The images above were taken this year, a few weeks ago at my MIL's "farm".
With the changing of the season, it's always great to see life and so much produce.
I should find seeds for okra, long beans and kangkung for next year's harvest!

Stay safe world.
I miss being out and about freely.

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