Randy's Donuts in Seoul!

I'll be honest that I didn't know about Randy's Donuts till that day when I was looking up for donut places nearer to the office to fix my cravings.
The first time I went was on a weekday rainy late afternoon at about 4pm... and bam! I was greeted by a line and an almost empty donut display.
I asked the cashier when is the best time to come for the most choices and she told me on weekdays at around 12:30pm (lines are unavoidable, weekends are worst!) and although I've yet to successful make my way at noon...the second time I dropped by was almost at 6pm on a weekday and to my surprise, there were more choices that day.
So, I guess...it's really unpredictable but all I can say is that the texture of the cake and raised donuts are up my alley!
If you are a Malaysian and remember the good old days when Dunkin Donut was still serving up better donuts in the early 2000- the taste is somewhat like that!

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