Bakeshop Nana, Mangwon-dong.

Seoul is build on cafes- you'll see cafes popping up left, right and center and you wonder if there's even enough people to frequent these places and to no surprise they do!
I'm not complaining though, more choices are good but you'll come across places where their goods are no good and it will make you wonder the amount of balls they have to run a place, charge an insane amount of $$ for basic crap.
I frequent a few of those joints and ended up deleting all of the pictures I took because why even bother posting up places that doesn't spark joy.

Anyways, back to the current post, this little cafe called Bakeshop Nana is situated in the current hip place Mangwon-dong, near the Mangwon market and usually it's packed to the brim with people.
This was taken in a weird covid high weekday afternoon when I was craving for some takeout sweets.
The cinnamon roll i had was just ok but the cakes looks to be promising accompanied with the vibe.
You can certainly drop by if you are this part of town.

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