Homemade Bread

John's aunt gifted us some beautiful purple sweet potatoes and so happen my sister has been baking bread! 
So, she guided me via FaceTime and now I'm pretty proud that I can make bread!!

We have been following this base recipe and adjusting it by adding fillings inside like mashed sweet potatoes/cheese and ham or just upping the sweet potato in the dough to 100grams and/or adding milk powder/condense milk for more flavor.

It freezes well as well! So don't worry if you are unable to finish the loaf.
You can just put in the freezer and toast it up whenever u need it- the texture remains soft!

So far, I've made this bread twice and here below is the one were I added fillings inside.
The heart shape was a surprised! I didn't know how it happened but so far, this recipe is a keeper! Try it for yourself :)

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