me today: recycling MAC

So, while I was in makeup school some 43534234days ago...
I was required to purchase Mac Cosmetics as part of the tools to use and have forgotten about the cases till last week when I desperately needed another orange lipstick when I finally(!) remembered- my old MAC cases.

Today I took 6 cases out to recycle back a lipstick.
Man, this plastic bag is a plane ticket(!) and the consolations are well...
lipsticks. (i'm not complaining tho)




and oh! i've gotten my hair dyed. yet again.
Much earlier than I intended to actually...
but since it's a promo, I've got no choice.
I must say that I'm really satisfied with the service at Stage and for the amount I paid, i'm ecstatic!
Jun was the stylist that attended to me yesterday, you should look for him- He's attentive. :)


We were the 1st customers since we booked the earliest slots that day.
The songs before they inserted Lady Gaga were awesome! Jazzy tunes, to chinese ballads... and they just HAD to change it after 20mins of me being so happy about the song choice.

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